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Author : Berrygoji Date : 2017-10-6 13:03:29
Put simply, ‘organics’ is
    the growing and harvesting of food without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
    the planting of healthy seeds free from techniques of Genetic Modification and Genetic Engineering
    the processing of foods without artificial preservatives or additives
    the ethical and environmentally sustainable practices of farm management and food production
Organic agricultural systems are based on respect for natural ecosystems and cycles. Farms are managed to maximise soil fertility and minimise adverse impact on the local natural systems. The skill in organic farming methods is to make the land productive in a sustainable and non-polluting way. In the wider sense, organic agriculture aims to create an entire production, processing and distribution chain which is both ecologically and socially responsible. Organic farmers are often wrongly characterised and not fully recognised for the work they do. They are innovators and entrepreneurs at the forefront of change. Many are highly skilled individuals who bring a scientific approach to working with the natural world. They are first movers on some of the greatest problems that affect the world, such as climate change.
Biodynamics was the first of the modern organic agricultural movements that preserved scientific methods in the use of crop rotation, composting, integrated soil, crop and pest management and animal husbandry during the early part of the 20th century. Biodynamic agriculture is an organic and sustainable approach that not only considers the health of the ecosystem but also takes into account how the rhythms of the universe – the sun, moon, planets and stars – influence how plants grow, to place the farmer totally within natural cycles. It employs a unique set of herbal preparations to enliven and harmonize plants, compost and soil. Biodynamics addresses the source of problems rather than the symptoms. For example, the organic farmer might apply a natural pesticide to discourage or kill insects. A biodynamic farmer looks to the ecosystem to find and correct the imbalance that caused the insect infestation. Both forms of agriculture are ecologically sound and fundamental to the health of the earth, planet and human beings.
There is little wonder why many people around the world prefer organic goji berry: ‘they just taste better’. Organically grown fruit and vegetables thrive in clean, fertile soils. Grown in accordance with Nature’s cycles and ripened naturally, their true natural flavour is not hidden by chemicals and technologies designed to maintain their cosmetic appearance or to speed their maturation. With organics there are no tricks: ‘what you get is true old-fashioned flavour and goodness’. Ningxia Pure Goji Biology Technology Co.,Ltd organic goji berry without artificial chemical use or genetic tampering in any part of the organic chain, from the growing to processing, also have the TC certificate, you can be sure your food reaches you the way Nature intended. Beyond the fresh, natural taste are the environmental issues. Your food choice directly affects how our environment is treated and the decisions you make now are passed on to our future generations.
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