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1.What quantities of Goji Berries should I consume daily?
Ningxia Pure Goji Biology Technology Co.,Ltd recommends 10-25 grams daily as being the recommended daily adult dose for general well being. For those with illness of those feeling unwell or with particularly low energy or them our recommends a minimum of 15 grams daily and up to 30 grams daily.
2.How should I eat the Berry Goji?
Go ahead and enjoy our wonderful Goji Berries straight out of the pack. Another great way is to make a cup of Goji Tea. Boil up some water and pour over 10-15 Goji Berries at the bottom of your cup, let sit for 3-5 minutes or until cool enough to drink and savor your freshly made cup of Indian Goji Tea. Goji Berries are great as a snack or pick me up any time day or night. In the morning they are also great on Muesli, in yogurt or added to fruit salad. Many a famous cook (and many not so famous) are adding Goji’s to salads, smoothies, cookies, muffins and cakes. Some very cool bars and nightclubs are even introducing Goji Berry Martinis and having them on their bar counters instead of nuts and other nibbles. 
3.Can pregnant women consume Goji Berries?
Absolutely! During pregnancy it’s important to increase vitamin and nutrient intake and as Goji’s are bursting with goodness we recommends at least 10g daily for pregnant women.
4.Can Children enjoy Goji Berries?
Kids need the goodness of vitamins and nutrients and our recommend that children enjoy up to 5 gram daily of Indian Goji berries.
5.How should I keep my Goji Berry fresh?
Goji Berry can be kept in the custom designed bag either in the fridge or in the pantry. Many love to store their Goji in a glass container on their shelf for the entire world to see and comment how fantastic they look.
6.What are the benefits of Goji Berry ?
According to the research Goji berry will help you develop a stronger immune system, which means better resistance to illness Has anti-aging properties Will help you guard against cancer Brightens and improves your eyesight Nourishes your liver and kidneys Normalizes your blood pressure and blood sugar levels Assists with weight loss Lowers your cholesterol Slows hair loss and greying o Rejuvenates your mind, your body, and your spirit
7.What are antioxidants?
Antioxidant is a classification of several organic substances, including vitamins C and E, vitamin A , selenium, and a group known as the carotenoids. Together as antioxidants, these substances are thought to be effective in helping to prevent cancer, heart disease, and stroke.
8.I heard that Goji Berries are high in Antioxidants, is that right?
The goji berry is higher in antioxidants than any other known food. Antioxidants help you maintain healthy vision and reduce your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Please see the Chart Below developed by the US department of agriculture to demonstrate the Level of antioxidant that certain food have.
9.Are any additives or preservatives added to your Goji Berries?
No, absolutely not, Ningxia Pure Goji Biology Technology Co.,Ltd don’t like them, refuse to use them and would never spoil our wonderful Goji Berries with preservatives or anything unnatura

10, What is our goji berry grow and process?

We are show you goji berry growth, production, test processing, we better because we are more professional  

  Sampling by worker                                                                       Operation before crop
Our Goji Berry Planting Base

 Growing Goji   
 New Crop Goji Berry  
 Picking and Clean Fresh Goji  
 Sun & Mathine Dry Goji  
 Colour sorter  Classify the grade of berries
 Electrostatic separation to remove hair  Pass Metal Detector
 Manual Picking raw material  Laboratory testing
 Inside Carton Package


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