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How to stock goji berry?

Author : Berrygoji Date : 2022-3-10 13:12:30
Why is goji berry easy to agglomerate?
1. Goji berry contains sugar, when temperature in the storage environment is high, the sugar in goji berry will be easy dissolves, and due to goji berry become soft and sticky.
2. Goji berry can be absorb moisture.When the storage environment is damp, goji berry maybe sugar-return appearance/phenomenon (sugar dialysis,this appearance/phenomenon is very common for many dried fruits such as Goji berry, apple, raisins and so on ) .

How to avoid the goji berry clumped together?
Very important that pay more attention to storage:
1. store it at cool and dry place
2. keep the inside bags well sealed
3. protect it from light, moisture or pest infestation.
4. put the Goji berry in shelf or pallet, separate from the earth
5. If the number of a purchase is more, it can be divided into small packages and placed into the refrigerator.

How to solution if goji berry are clumped together?
If the goji berry is clumped together, at frist to checking whether the goji berry has deteriorated, If the Goji berry color is not black and taste sour, it can be eat.

If goji berry clumped together, you can you can dry it again: Sun-dried in the noonday, 3-4 hours.

Ok, go and got your high quality goji berry here!
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