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The Goji Powder

Author : goji Date : 2015-7-6 15:49:38
Our Goji powders dissolve well in water.It is have goji berry powder and goji juice powder.
As the level of polysaccharides rises, in general the color of the powder will become darker.
The taste of Goji powder is quite typical and slightly sweetish. Lower concentrated extract powders usually possess more of the characteristic taste of the berries then high concentrated extract powders.
A possible practical disadvantage from Goji powders is that they are quite hygroscopic: they easy attract moisture from the air. When not preserved the right way the powder is at a high risk of clotting together. Keeping it dry in closed packaging is therefore vital.
For optimal therapeutic results of Goji extract powders it is advised to use 150-250 mg pure Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides (LBP) daily.
When mixed with other medicinal herbs, a lower dose of Goji powder might be sufficient too.
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