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The Goji Berry

Author : Pure Goji Date : 2015-7-6 16:36:35
Goji berry latin name is Lycium Barbarum,it have been used as a medicinal and food plant in Ningxia,China for 1700 years. It has been used as an immune tonic, to treat kidney and liver problems and infertility.
And quality of the Goji Berry is determined by how full, red, and sweet they are.
Photo: The larger the size of the Goji berries, the more powerful they are. The largest berries contain the highest amount of polysaccharides.
Dried Goji berries are classified by size as follows: 
Class A (supreme quality) = ca. 180-280 berries per 50 grams 
Class B (good quality) = ca. 250-380 berries per 50 grams 
Class C (regular quality) = ca. 400-700 berries per 50 grams. 
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