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How to grow goji berry in your garden?

Author : pure goji Date : 2015-7-6 16:42:24
Ningxia Pure Goji Biology Technology Co.,Ltd will teach you how to grow goji berry in your home or garden! Find further, you need to know about how to grow goji!
Placing in garden
Goji bush has the great advantage of being pretentious and adapt to different environmental conditions, but it is best to plant it in a sunny spot of the garden. In addition, you should give him plenty of room to grow: goji to a size of about 2.5 m in height and width!
Placing in potted
Before placing goji bush in the garden, we recommend planting in a pot, goji and will be transplanted into the ground outside the house when it starts to grow. In this case, here’s what you should know:
•       Prepare roots, placing the plant in a pot of water at room temperature. 
•       In a deep pot, drain holes, add 1/3 sand and 2/3 earth goji plant flowers to ensure a favorable environment for development. 
•       Make a hole in the middle of the ship, where you will enter the plant, then gently cover the roots, pressing slightly ground. 
•       Add more water and continue to water the plant, mint constantly moist soil for 2 weeks or until they find a new plant, at which point you can transplant to the garden. 
Recommendations for garden soil
Goji easily adapts to different types of garden soil, from clay soils to sandy soils. However, the best is organic soil. Best results will be obtained if the garden soil has a pH between 6.8 and 8.1.
How to Grow Goji Berry Plants
In the first months of growth, it is important to give him goji bush attention. Be sure to enjoy 8 hours of light per day to make flowers. Also, watering it sparingly and give them fertilizer from algae, but in small quantities.
How to Take Cuttings of a Goji
To keep the size under control and give it the desired shape, goji bush can be cut regularly. Usually, the cutting is done during the cold season, but if you want to alter the look, you can do throughout the entire year. In the first year after planting, you should realize minor adjustments. Identify the main stem – the largest and healthiest – and begins to reduce gradually the lateral strains dimensions. The aim is to let the strain empty on a length of about 40 cm from the ground. When goji shrub reaches about 60 cm size, removes her top to allow the growth of new branches. In terms of adult plants, twigs remove the stem to a length of about 40 cm and those that do not produce flowers, dried etc. It also contains periodic adjustment bush tip, whenever you want it to produce new branches. Last but not least, remember that the time is propitious for the cutting season finale goji fruit production
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