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The Goji Extract

Author : Goji Date : 2015-7-6 15:32:42
Goji Extract (Goji polysaccharides)
•Extracted from fresh fruit bodies of Goji
•Physically extracted with only water. No any chemical reagents added.
•Multi-stage membrane separation technology to remove tiny dust, bacteria, pesticide residues and low effective matters to ensure the clean and purity of the products.
•Goji Extract Function:
Antioxidant & Strengthening the immune system;
Maintain healthy blood pressure, blood sugar level and help reduce cholesterol;
Protect eyesight and liver;
Weight loss & Anti-aging;
Help reduce the risk of Cancer and inhibit tumor growth;
Help improve fertility;
Known as Goji (Lycium Barbarum L), Wolfberry, or Chinese Matrimony Vines. They are native to China.
Goji berries are also called Wolfberries (which, ironically, has nothing to do with wolves) but we found that customers prefer to call them Goji more than any other name.
The Goji plant is a bushy perennial that stands from three to five feet tall. When the berries are fresh, they should be oblong in shape, and taste sweet and juicy. Because they’re tender,  they’re carefully harvested and hand selected by our farmers.
The main active component in Goji Berries is Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides.
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