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Goji berry for Weight Loss!

Author : berrygoji Date : 2017-11-20 15:01:16
If you compared to other fruits like oranges, bananas,  raisins and cantaloupes, goji berry have the lowest glycemic index. So, consuming goji berry reduces our cravings for starchy and sugary foods that increase weight. 
21% of goji berry are made up of fiber content. 
All high fiber foods control blood sugar levels and appetite. They help us feel full for longer periods and this reduces our food intake. Gojiberry also contain chromium which helps control blood sugar, maintain lean muscle mass when we lose weight and help the body burn fat faster. 
Weight gain is prevented since muscles can burn calories more efficiently than fat. Consuming goji berry also helps with efficient metabolism. 
Food that we eat must be converted to energy. Otherwise they will be converted to fat and cause weight gain. Goji berry are rich in nutrients that are converted to energy like.Having sufficient growth hormones helps lean body mass burn food into energy and fuel and prevents excess storage of calories in the form of fat. 
Goji berry can alleviate stress levels. When we are stressed, there is an increased desire for high-fat calorie-rich foods. Stress also prevents burning of fat and secretion of growth hormone. 
Goji berry is an adaptogen than reduces stress levels and lowers cortisol levels which promote weight gain. 
Adaptogen also helps the body exercise more by reducing fatigue levels, increasing endurance, improve usage of oxygen, increase stamina, improves heart health and circulation. 
The thyroid, pituitary, thymus and adrenal glands are strengthened by nutrient-rich goji berries. Muscles are also regenerated. Polysaccharides reduce muscle soreness. Goji berry protect the liver and eliminate toxins. 
Nutrient-rich Goji berry can be an integral part of a weight loss program. 
However, since these are hard to come by in most places, the next best alternative is to eat the dried fruit, goji juice and tea. Whole berries offer us all the nutrients. Juices and teas may not provide us with fiber and proteins although they will give us plenty of vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals. 
Apart from juice and fresh fruit, Goji berry can be added to our cereals, mixed with other fruit juices, trail mixes, nut bars, whole fruit bars, baked goods, salads and soups. 
Combining Goji berry with other nutrient-rich berries will give us maximum health benefits. 
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