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Goji Berry: Why This Fruit Can Add Years to Your Life

Author : Pure goji Date : 2015-7-6 16:54:18
Goji berry are the best way to alkalinize your blood. The miracle berry has been used for a few thousand years in China, Tibet and India to improve health and increase longevity. People have long claimed their effect in:
improving liver function
improving sexual function and fertility
strengthening the legs
boosting immune function
improving circulation
The Perfect Delicious Daily Snack Food

If you’re looking for a good snack, try a handful of Goji together with a few nuts, or just chew on a handful of dried gojis straight. You’ll be able to notice an improving from the very first day.

Your Daily Dosage
Be careful though, gojis are very strong. A typical daily dose is one ounce a day which is equivalent to a small handful. Since this is a food suppolement, most people can take up to a few handfuls a day. In can cause bowel upset if you already have a sensitive digestive tract. But, if you start with just a few a day, you may be able to build up that daily dosage and derive the full benefit of these incredible gifts of nature. You could also add the dried berries to your salads, or make a goji-fruit shake with mangoes, apples, and bananas.

These ‘magical’ berries grow on an evergreen shrub in regions of China and in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. Other names for the goji berry are lycium barbarum and wolfberry and are in the nightshade family of plants. They are usually eaten either dried, resembling raisins, or in the juice and taken like an elixir, and they can be mixed into recipes or made into a tea. They are slightly sweet and tangy, and are a great snack since they tend to give a nice feeling of energy and rejuvenation between meals.

Goji has been shown to be high in polysaccharides which help the body’s immune system. Polysaccharides have been shown to help normalize blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and helps balance blood sugar. These sugars also can inhibit tumor growth.

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