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Black Goji Berries Health Benefits and Effects

Author : berrygoji Date : 2017-3-3 16:13:19
Black Goji Berries are a medicinal plant species in Ningxia, China.

Black Goji berries are sweet, nature, its main effects to enhance immunity, anti-fatigue; improve blood circulation; improve sleep; Black wolfberry is rich in protein, lycium barley polysaccharides, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients, but also rich in natural procyanidins (red wolfberry does not contain), is the highest content of procyanidins. Their usage is similar to red goji berry, but the antioxidant, anti-aging effect better than red goji.

The best way to eat black Goji berries:
adults 3-6 grams of black goji berries water every day, tap water was blue (alkaline water), mineral water brewing was purple (neutral water) direct drinking. Brew 5-6 times, black goji berries in the effective nutrients all leaching, until the water becomes white so far.
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